About Us

Formed in 2020, XM Hosts was founded by a group of tech enthusiasts that wanted to bring safe and reliable hosting solutions believing in fair and honest values.

Despite being a recent company, our team has many years of experience in game servers and hosting services. We have a highly qualified team able to provide uninterrupted sales and support services to our customers. We believe that everyone should have premium and standardized treatment no matter the product or how big your account is.

We believe that an after-sale experience is crucial. That is why we work hard giving extensive info in our knowledge base and in our support.

We know the pain of slow and unstable services. That is why we only work with high-end hardware and protected networks. We monitor all our services 24/7 and so that you do not need to worry.


Great Uptime



Francisco Oliveira

CEO & Support Technician

Gonçalo Dias

CTO & Support Technician

Mário Lopes


Legal Information

Registered in Portugal
Domingos Gomes de Oliveira trading as XM Hosts
VAT: PT131046144